News24 | DA to tell ANC: ‘Yes’ to president, Treasury’s plans but ‘no’ to cadre deployment

  • The DA negotiating framework puts the Constitution at the centre of discussions with the ANC.
  • The party says the SA Reserve Bank’s independence should be respected and cadre deployment outlawed.
  • The parties are set to meet later on Friday.

The DA’s framework document for negotiations with the ANC sets out that the party will be interested in a governance agreement if it is based on crucial tenets of the Constitution.

According to the document, which will be used as the point of departure in Friday’s first official meeting between the ANC and the DA, the country’s supreme law must guide any governing arrangement.

It cites the following pillars as the DA’s negotiating principles:

1. the promotion and protection of the Constitution;

2. the creation of an efficient and clean public service;

3. a sustainable fiscal framework for a stable and growing economy; and

4. the devolution of powers to provinces.

The DA is particularly supportive of Operation Vulindlela, a joint venture between The Presidency and National Treasury, which is designed to clear blockages in the state, to promote governance and policy reform, and to drive the three workstreams comprising the government and the private sector.

“We believe the full and urgent implementation of Operation Vulindlela is critical for success and would focus on seven priority areas: the unbundling of Eskom; the concessioning of ports; the establishment of a water regulator; the implementation of a skilled visa programme; title deed reform to expand land ownership; mineral rights reform; and the rapid expansion of spectrum availability.”

The DA also specifically cites that the independence of the South African Reserve Bank should be defended, and that cadre deployment should be outlawed.

These two positions could prove to be sources of conflict in the negotiations. The ANC have repeatedly said that it will not stop its policy of cadre deployment.

The EFF has also advocated for the nationalisation of the SA Reserve Bank, and has made that, and other demands for nationalisation, part of its policy platform.

The DA also proposes an operating model to guide the functioning of a multi-party government, including a dispute resolution mechanism.

This is a developing story.

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